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I have a passion for helping people reconnect to their bodies, heal from trauma and attachment wounds, and reclaim their body as a resource. I support clients as they move towards full embodiment of power in their lives by bravely showing up fully, authentically and unapologetically as their true Soul selves.

Feathers in a vase - Reclaiming Beauty
  • I am honored to partner in the process of discovering how one’s relationship with their body offers rich information about all their relationships. We live in a world that perpetuates underlying fears of unworthiness, unlovability, not being good enough, being too much, and idealizing certain physical qualities while shaming others. These fears greatly impact our relationships to our bodies and is a common theme I see in my practice and work to overcome with my clients. I’m passionate about these subjects because I, too, have experienced these obstacles in my life, and desire for my clients to feel the freedom that comes from this healing journey.

  • With loving presence and humor, I work to help clients develop a more mindful, curious understanding about what led to their self-objectification and self-criticism. Through healing the underlying core beliefs and collaborating to work through challenges that arise in day-to-day life, my clients find lasting freedom from these negative mental patterns.

  • I support my clients shifting from being at war with their bodies to discovering how the body can be one of our greatest resources. To transform our relationship with our body we must slowly learn to understand what creates dysregulation, how to notice what we need to settle our dysregulation and what skills will support us in returning to a more calm, alert state of being. Only then can we begin to access the wisdom of the body.

  • Often, when a person is struggling with body image they are also struggling with their relationship with food. I view eating disorders and disordered eating as important messengers of the soul. I believe eating disorders arise as an attempt to protect from uncomfortable feelings and emotions related to trauma and attachment wounding. I work to support my clients in recognizing how their eating disorder/disordered eating patterns serve them to in turn better understand the skills and tools they need to strengthen in order to let go of the unhealthy coping mechanisms. This is what makes my job so rewarding—seeing people embrace effective approaches to handling challenges, discomfort, and change so they can show up in life fully and wholeheartedly.

  • My clients tend to be sensitive, emotional, creative, intuitive, and intelligent, and through the process of healing their food and body challenges are able to free these aspects of themselves as gifts for themselves and the world. I am also passionate about the social justice aspect of body and food concerns and support my clients in challenging internalized weightism and sizeism in our society.

Reclaiming beauty wisdom deck
Reclaiming Beauty Wisdom Deck and box

Experience and Influences

For more than a decade, I’ve worked with people in various treatment settings addressing body image disturbance, eating disorders, attachment issues, and trauma.


I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Supervisor. My strong belief in the body/mind/soul connection inspired my post-graduate training in Embodied Recovery, Internal Family Systems, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

As a Body-Centered Psychotherapist, I also draw on my more than 20 years of experience practicing and teaching yoga as a modality for embodiment, developing resiliency, and healing attachment and trauma wounds. I often weave in expressive arts experiences as my career began as a music therapist, and I have 1 year of expressive arts therapy training.


I believe in the power of image for helping us heal our relationship with our Soul.


Community Activism and Enrichment

I am active in awareness and prevention efforts of eating disorders through my service on the board of directors for the Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders. I show up to support the recovery community through NEDA walks, speaking at conferences and leading Reclaiming Beauty groups. I offer professional education opportunities through workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements, as well as Reclaiming Beauty trainings to help fellow providers incorporate my body image tools in their practices/treatment centers, and Becoming Body and Nourishment Allies training with Nutritious Thoughts.


Financial Info

My fee is $150 for 55 minutes sessions. I am not in-network with any insurance providers. I can provide a form for you to file the session as an out-of-network provider. I accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Having a private pay therapist means that you will have more control over your treatment. You will not receive a mental health diagnosis and your session notes will not be submitted to an outside third party. We will be able to freely work together in a way that honors your unique situation and I can tailor my approach to best fit your needs.