I Like to Move It Move It

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On a recent weekend, my son and I made a last minute decision to take a day trip to see my little sister, Becky, and her two boys. My sister and I had both had a challenging week, and were in need of some connection and support time. Once we arrived, the boys quickly went to playing, and Becky and I laid in her bed and talked about all the stressors and feelings. 

We both started to notice a sense of stuckness in our situation, and I felt the impulse to shake it out and shift our energetics. I remembered my friend Lizzy had recently shared with me a video of a unique movement experience she has created. We got out of bed, and decided to take a movement journey with Lizzy.

With Lizzy as our guide, we danced, built strength, laughed, breathed deeply, released and cleared the heaviness. At one point, our sons came in to join in on the fun, and we were all free dancing around the living room. I felt a reconnection with my alive, hopeful essence, and a sweet connection with my sister and our boys. 

I truly believe in the power of movement to help us remember our true selves. for me, it is an essential part of a Reclaiming Beauty practice. This is why I am so thrilled to let you know about a women’s fitness experience and sisterhood circle, that my colleague and friend, Lizzy, is offering.  

Since that day with my sister, I have continued to enjoy Lizzy's online fitness experiences as a chance to move my body while receiving a positive infusion of higher consciousness. Lizzy is a dynamic and inspiring teacher and trainer who is walking her talk. After these movement experiences, I always feel a release of stagnant energy and deeper connection to my vitality.  

In this upcoming Free Live class, Wholehearted Woman, you will connect with a tribe of amazing women, just like you.  You will strengthen and open your physical body, deepen your capacity to be fully present with yourself, dance wildly, and quite possibly fall madly in love with the exquisite woman that you already are.

This is for women who are tired of making excuses and feeling disconnected from their truly empowered and authentic self.  For women who would you like to harness the support & momentum of this tribe of wholehearted women, in order to finally claim their power and be who they came here to be!

This a a live video class you can join from anywhere in the world via Facebook Live, on Tuesday, April 10th 10:00 a.m. EST.

Click here to register.  

You will receive a full length fitness and embodiment routine, meditation, and intention setting exercise to support you in aligning with the wisdom of your higher self and embodying your full potential.  This class will be recorded so you can revisit it at any time and use it to guide the creation of your daily self care rituals to support you in stepping into your highest level of alignment and empowerment.

I hope to see you there!

Walk... and dance and move... in wholehearted beauty, 

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