Celebration, Gratitude and Pomegranates


The Reclaiming Beauty Journal & Wisdom Deck Book Release party was a wild success, and I have been spending some time since eating lots of pomegranates and integrating the positive feelings from the evening. The themes of the night were Celebration and Gratitude, gifts that flow to a person who has the courage to embark on the Reclaiming Beauty journey.

Why pomegranates? Well... they are in season. They are so delicious and juicy and good for you. They have been calling to Joey and myself in the store this week. And they are beautiful symbols of abundance, prosperity, and ripened seeds of growth in our lives. At the book release party, we sold out of the current stock of books, so I have been thinking, what would I like to say to those beautiful Souls who recently bought the Reclaiming Beauty Journal & Wisdom Deck... Here is my message to you... in honor of the pomegranate that will one day be the juicy seeds of abundance, prosperity, celebration & gratitude from your Reclaiming Beauty journey....

It may be hard to imagine now, but there is a possibility, that some day in the future, you may be grateful for the life events that clouded your ability to see your own beauty. This may not be true for everyone, or for all of the life experiences, but for some of them, once you have faced the pain, grieved the losses, walked through the darkness, and come through the other side, you will realize you would have never gained the strength and clarity you feel in your ability to see your own beauty without having to face the trials you had to face. There are unexpected treasures in the hardships of our lives. For me, I have a joyful, enthusiastic son, a strength in who I am, I am in my power more today than I have ever been, I have transformed a self-critical inner dialogue to self-compassion, and I am living in integrity so that when I find myself out of alignment with my message I can compassionately seek support to return to the Reclaiming Beauty values.

So tell me, what experiences in your life have led you to no longer see your own beauty? How can you connect to the courage to face these experiences to embark on your Reclaiming Beauty journey? Remember what Maya Angelou says about courage - "Courage is the most important virtue, because without courage, you cannot practice any other virtue consistently." Seek out stories of other women who inspire you, who stand in their strength and beauty. Find out what helped them face and get through their challenges. Know that you are not alone, seek support and a compassionate witness. Eat pomegranates. Let those juicy seeds remind you of the abundance, prosperity, gratitude and celebration that is possible on the other side.


Here's a clip from my short talk from the Book Release party. My favorite part from this clip is getting cheered on from my son, Joey.


With love and gratitude.

Walk in beauty,

Heidi Andersen