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Reclaim Yourself: A Reclaiming Beauty and Movement Playshop

Are you feeling uncomfortable in your body? Are you feeling paralyzed by self-critical thoughts and shame related to your body and who you are in the world? Would you like to experience more freedom, ease and lightness in your day to day embodied experience?

Join a circle of women to learn experiential tools to embrace the beauty of your body and Soul. Transform a critical, shame filled relational pattern to self-compassion and ease.

For this playshop, Heidi will join forces with Christine Garvin, Whole Health and Body Love Coach, for an exploration into the Reclaiming Beauty Wisdom Deck through movement and other expressive arts experiences.

Our bodies are made to move, but sometimes we forget this inherent need. We've been prescribed how to exercise, often pushing our bodies in ways that don't feel natural or good. But when we allow for authentic movement to flow through us, we connect to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

In order to facilitate this understanding during the Reclaiming Beauty process, we begin on our yoga mat, eyes closed, listening to the music and letting it move us as our body sees fit. As the music builds, so does the energy in our body, lifting us onto our feet and attending to every part of our system. You will practice attending to parts of yourself you may not have spent much time on before, or haven't visited in a while. This musical and movement journey will open you up to powerful personal lessons during the card reading process that follows.

Using the imagery of the Reclaiming Beauty Wisdom deck, we will identify current obstacles in your journey to self-compassion and self-love, and explore pathways for addressing these obstacles. To walk in beauty is to be in a harmonious relationship with your Body, your Soul, your Community and the Earth. After experiencing this playshop, you will gain practical tools to support coming into harmony with yourself.


Date: Friday October 4th

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Location: Epiphany IOP, 52 N. Oak Street, Hendersonville, NC 28739

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